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Individual Adoption of HR Analytics: A Fine Grained View of the Early Stages Leading to Adoption


Yuliya Yurova0000-0003-4524-3471


Regina A. Greenwood0000-0002-5577-499X


Cynthia P. Ruppel0000-0001-6671-5314

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The International Journal of Human Resource Management



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High performing organizations are using analytics for evidence-based decision-making. However, the human resource (HR) function in many organizations has been slow to adopt this innovation. This study applies innovation theory, informed by the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB), to examine the individual’s decision to adopt HR Analytics in an effort to identify why the adoption rate is lagging. We examined early stages of the individual decision process beginning from Stage 1 (knowledge) and leading to Stage 3, (the decision) to adopt or not to adopt the innovation. We found several points in the process that can act as barriers or facilitators. Organizations and champions of this innovation wishing to facilitate HR analytics adoption can take action to remove as many of these barriers to the individual’s decision as possible. Further research should focus on the best way to remove these barriers.



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