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Consumer Ethnocentrism in the Middle East: Measurement Properties of the CETSCALE in Tunisia and Lebanon

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Journal of International Management Studies



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Country of origin is an important construct in consumer decision making relative to purchasing foreign or domestic products or services. Consumer ethnocentrism has been shown to be an important determinant in purchasing foreign versus domestic products. The CETSCALE used to measure consumer ethnocentrism was introduced in the U.S. by Shimp and Sharma (1987). Given the importance of country of origin to international marketers, the role of consumer ethnocentrism in decision making has been studied in many countries in order to understand their consumer attitudes toward purchasing foreign products or services. However, the measurement properties of CETSCALE have been evaluated in only a limited number of countries with mixed results. Therefore it is increasingly necessary to examine the measurement properties of the CETSCALE in important national and regional markets The Arab Middle East is certainly an import region but it is neglected in such research. This study seeks to fill that gap by examining the measurement properties of the CETSCALE with a sample of 300 Lebanese and 164 Tunisian consumers. A modified 7- item CETSCALE demonstrated very good cross-national reliability and validity in these two Arab Middle East countries.





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