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Team Performance Study: Determining the Factors that Influence High Performance in Teams

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Journal of the North American Management Society





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The purpose of this paper is to describe a study, in the initial stages, which will attempt to determine the factors that differentiate high performance work teams from teams whose performance is good, but not exceptional. The teams in the study are in the U. S. supplier network of a large global automotive manufacturer. The researchers will use surveys, interviews, and observations to test models that, based on the literature, suggest factors that influence team performance, including innovation as a measure of performance. Multiple perspectives will be employed, including: the strategic lens (structure/ambidexterity), the temporal lens (entrainment) and the organization behavior lens (mental models and ambidexterity). In Phase 1, the research team will visit several supplier plants to determine the factors to be examined. In Phase 2, the researchers will conduct in-depth studies in some workplaces followed by tests of findings in different workplace environments. The goal of our study of work teams is not only to advance the literature of team performance, but also to provide important implications to managers of all teambased organizations.

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