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The Relationship between Age Discrimination, Education, and Diversity Training: A Comparative Study in the United States and Thailand

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The Far East Journal of Psychology and Business



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This manuscript explores age discrimination in employment and the challenges that managers confront in seeking to establish and maintain a legal, ethical, and productive workplace. The data regarding age and older workers comes from 218 respondents in the United States and 379 respondents in Thailand. A factor analysis was done ; and the results demonstrate that race, gender, education, country where you live the most, country where you presently live, and diversity training were statistically significant variable s affecting age discrimination. The article discusses the most important statute prohibiting discrimination in employment based on age in the United States – the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). The article also discusses the nature and critical role of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in implementing and enforcing age discrimination law in the United States. The article next briefly discusses culture, values, and religion; and then compares U.S. age discrimination law with the law of Thailand. The article, finally, based on the laws examined and the findings obtained from the data, presents recommendations, strategies, tactics, and suggestions for employers and managers to use in order to avoid age discrimination in the multinational workplace and thus to avoid age discrimination lawsuits.





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