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Comparing Jamaican Students’ Performance with Students in the United States, the Grand Bahamas and the Online Program

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The International College Teaching Methods and Styles Journal



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This study documents learning and student performance through objective tests with graduate students in Kingston-Jamaica and compares the final exam results with students taking the same course, the same test, with the same instructor at different sites throughout the United States and in the Nassau cluster, Grand Bahamas. The scores are further compared with students who completed this course and final exam in the online format. The group of Jamaican, Bahamian and students in Tampa completing this course received traditional, face-to-face instruction in a classroom setting, with classes delivered in a weekend format with 32 face-to-face contact hours during the semester. As expected, findings revealed that there was a statistically significant difference (% = 0.05) in the mean test scores of the pre-test and post-test for this group of students enrolled at the Kingston cluster. Furthermore, the results of final exam comparison with similar groups in the United States and Bahamas showed no significant differences. The comparison of student performance in Kingston with online students is also discussed. Overall, it is concluded that many of the learning outcomes designed to be achieved as a result of the course activities, specifically the final exam, were achieved consistently for students taking this course with the assigned faculty member in Jamaica, the United States and the Grand Bahamas.





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