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Interpersonal Change through the "Inside-Out-Approach": Exercising the Freedom to Choose Our Responses during Conflict and Stressful Situations

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We live in work environments that seem to be full of inevitable conflict, change and stress. While workplace conflict, change and stress cannot be eliminated they can and should be managed effectively in order to have a productive workplace. There are professionals and even managers who get frustrated and lose their temper over routine and non-routine issues. Such incidents can negatively impact the morale of the department and lead to much undue stress in the workplace. While being frustrated, sad, and angry might be a reality of life in the twenty-first century workplace, this paper provides a realistic perspective on how a person can be driven by emotions during a frustrating moment which can lead to health problems and undesirable outcomes. Based on personal experiences of the author and best practices, the paper provides suggestions on how stressful situations and interpersonal conflicts should be managed through effective people skills, such as the “inside-out-approach, ” and intrapersonal communication. By offering a model, the paper emphasizes that instead of reacting based on the emotions during interpersonal.

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