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Degree Type

Master of Arts

Degree Name

Composition, Rhetoric, and Digital Media

First Advisor

Janine Morris, Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Kelly Concannon, Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Juliette Kitchens, Ph.D.


online writing instruction, CCCC, pandemic, intentionality


The COVID-19 pandemic upended every system, routine, set of practices and policies that stood as status quo when the pandemic was declared a national emergency on March 13, 2020. At that time, many writing instructors across America had to quickly become online writing instructors without any specialized training. Taking stock of what was learned during the pandemic, this thesis examines the Conference of College Composition and Communication’s (CCCC) Position Statement of Principles and Example Effective Practices for Online Writing Instruction (OWI) and makes recommendations that enhance inclusivity and accessibility. CCCC OWI Principles 1, 2, and 11 are examined by utilizing scholarship in composition and rhetoric, and OWI, that speak to the importance of student-centered design, multimodality in OWI, and accessibility and inclusivity. Along with pedagogical recommendations that align with the principles and speak to lessons learned during the pandemic, this thesis argues for the embracing of a pedagogy of intentionality that requires instructors to take a critical approach to their practices in an effort to improve student experiences in online writing courses (OWCs).