Strategies for Becoming a Liberatory WAC Program

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Fifteenth International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference

Date Range

August 2-6, 2021

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Conference Presentation

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This roundtable brings together diverse perspectives and experiences, ranging from community college discipline coordinator, department head for Writing and Communication, English Department chair at a SLAC, outreach program coordinator, and junior writing faculty. We will engage ongoing conversations related to WAC program development, and connect them to current institutional initiatives surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion. In connecting these two organizational progressions, a unique opportunity presents itself – at the crux of progress is the willingness to change, and this willingness to change allows for application of a theoretical framework to the writing program in transition. However, a recent trend within public WPA forums and listservs illustrates an increase in WPAs seeking advice and information about transitioning their writing programs into WAC programs. We consider this return to dialogue between WPA and WAC to be kairotic because it allows for a reframing of the smaller writing program to not only accommodate institutional changes regarding DEI initiatives, but also to justify reconceptualizing writing program practices through liberatory theories to better serve the students, faculty, and staff for whom Writing Program Administrators [the directors themselves] are responsible.


Colorado State University


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