Building Alliances between WAC, WID, STEM, and Creative Writing

Event Name/Location

Conference on College Composition & Communication (CCCC) / Portland, OR

Event Name

Conference on College Composition & Communication (CCCC)

Event Location

Portland, OR

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Conference Presentation

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March 15-18, 2017


Speakers posit that creative writing courses enhance WAC, STEM, and WID writing


Session 4 - Creative Writing E.44 B110

Chair: Janine Morris, University of Cincinnati


  • Sara Cooper, University of Houston, “Against the Grid: Composing Agency through Multigenre Writing”
  • Chris Drew, Indiana State University, “Spreading the Pedagogical Wealth: Utilizing Current Creative Writing Pedagogy throughout the English Curriculum (and Beyond)”
  • Erick Piller, University of Connecticut, “What’s Creative about Creative Writing? Toward a Pedagogy of Transversal Flexibility”

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