Using the Schema-Triggered Affect Model to Examine Disposition Formation in the Context of Sports News

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International Communication Association (ICA) 2011 Conference / Boston, MA

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The current study uses disposition theories and the schema-triggered affect model to examine the process of disposition formation. The issue was examined within the context of sports news. Individual levels of sports fanship and religiosity were used to examine associations between existing cognitive schema and the disposition toward an unknown athlete and the appreciation of a sports news story. Individuals read a sports magazine article in which an athlete either expressed a religious affiliation or no religious affiliation. Respondents evaluated the article containing statements of religious affiliation more positively than the similar article containing no expression of religious affiliation. Compared to general and specific sport interest, religiosity was the best predictor of disposition formation toward the unknown athlete and appreciation of the article. This study expands the disposition literature by examining media coverage surrounding sports events and extending our knowledge how cognitive constructs are related to disposition formation and enjoyment.


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Scheduled Time: Fri May 27 2011, 4:30 to 5:45pm Building/Room: Westin Waterfront, Grand Ballroom D In Session Submission: News Creation and Effects: Studying Social Involvement and Influence

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