Typography Education from the Lens of Underrepresented Students

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ATypI "All Over" Annual Conference / Virtual Conference

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A group of 6 females. Responding to under-representation in typographic scholarship. Determined to be the difference they want to see in typography. All locked in Zoom class by a pandemic. Decide to travel. Simultaneously online and off-grid. Following in the footsteps of the paragon Louise Fili, but on a path less traveled. To Puerto Rico and Ireland, Germany and Colombia, the US Virgin Islands and New Zealand. To collect and study and represent the typography of these places. To bring the world’s typography to the world.

The Wander Type Project is the research of an undergraduate typography class at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Under the instruction of Dr. Miriam Ahmed, they threw out the textbook in order to study understudied type. The students attended class fully online and, trapped behind their computers in this golden age of global connectedness, decided to go further than they could in person. They strolled scrolled through the streets of cities that are underrepresented within typography analyzing signage, collecting hand-drawn, hand-made type, assembling specimens of global typographic expertise and character and culture. These students have studied original type in more remote places than many, and all while remote learning.

These students are authors. They are allies. Their books are an offering to the world of typography and an exhibition of inclusion of the world in typography.