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Doctor of Philosophy in Computing Technology in Education (DCTE)


College of Engineering and Computing


Gertrude W. Abramson

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Steven R. Terrell

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Marth M. Snyder


Foreign language education, Education, Middle school education, Foreign Language, Grammar Acquisiton, Middle School, Spanish, Student Created Video Podcasts, Videopodcasting


The use of video podcasts in education has emerged as a phenomenon that has gained a considerable amount of attention over the last few years. Although video podcasting is becoming a well-established technology in higher education, new multimedia instructional strategies such as student-created video podcasts in grades K-12 are under-researched.

The study investigated the effects of video podcasts created by students to promote foreign language grammar acquisition at the middle school level and find how students described such experience. The current investigation was conducted by using the explanatory sequential design, which is a mixed methods research design that occurs in two distinct interactive phases.

The use of the explanatory sequential mix methods design allowed the collection of quantitative and qualitative data that served as corroborative evidence to answer three research questions: What differences in terms of achievement exist between middle school students who create a video podcast to promote foreign language grammar acquisition and students who followed a traditional instructional approach? How do the interviews with students help to understand their experiences when using a student-created video podcast as an instructional strategy to promote foreign language grammar acquisition? How can the experiences that emerge from the quantitative and qualitative data be useful to promote student achievement in other subject areas?

Although quantitative results indicated that the use of student-created video podcasts by middle school students had no significant effect on foreign language grammar acquisition, the qualitative findings of this investigation provide insights for middle school educators, parents, school administrators, and stakeholders with respect to the experiences of middle school students when using this multimedia learning strategy. Recommendations about its implementation and how this student-centered approach can empower learners and promote engagement and motivation for learning, in order to improve cognitive learning, have been included as well.