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The Information System used During the Job Description Process for New Military Personnel and Its Effect on Job Satisfaction

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences


Steven R. Terrell

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Michael Moody

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George K. Fornshell


The purpose of this study was to investigate job satisfaction within the military which resulted from the information system used during the job description phase for new military personnel entering the service. The study was conducted by using 210 new military personnel who entered the United States Army.

The participants in the study were divided into three major job classification groups. The three groups were Combat Arms, Combat Service Support, and Service Support. Each participant used either the traditional/current job description process (print and picture s) or an automated information system. The results of the study showed that it was a significant relationship bet ween the traditional/current job description process (print and pictures) and the automated information system. The participants who used the automated information system showed more job satisfaction. A statistical analysis was performed on the internal, external, and overall job satisfaction scores. All scores for the participants who used the automated information system were below the level of significance. The level of significance (alpha) for this study was. 05. The Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire was used to obtain the scores used in this study.

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