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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences


S. Rollins Guild

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Susan Fife Dorchak

Committee Member

Maxine S. Cohen


Most college students with reading disabilities have difficulty with word recognition. The purpose of this study was to use an investigator-made cue word list to increase low word recognition skills among college students while creating slides for a university curriculum using a simple presentation tool. The investigator randomly divided fourteen subjects into two groups. One group received the treatment and the other did not. Subjects received fifty minutes to complete a five-slide presentation. The investigator used four different data collection processes for data collection. Beyond this, the investigator presented the results using rank correlation. Results from this study indicated that the subjects benefited from the proposed solution. Subjects in the testing group performed better on wind recognition tasks, completed tasks within allotted time and with more accuracy than those in the control group. This study may provide useful information to students suffering word recognition problems and aid educators, courseware developers, and software engineers who assist them. It contributes statistical findings in the area of computer education. The results may give education and technical professionals information for addressing word recognition problems of students with reading difficulties.

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