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A dBase III Plus System For Processing And Maintaining Historical Records On Students' Evaluations Of Instructors And Courses

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Doctor of Science


Center for Computer and Information Sciences


Dennis D. Murphy

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Thomas W. MacFarland

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George K. Fornshell


The problem expounded by this study was the development of a reliable methodology for processing and maintaining historical records on students’ evaluations of instructors and courses. Two additional factors were critical to the study. First, to give the study the merits of students’ evaluations of instructors. Second, as an outcome of the study, a project was designed and developed that would satisfy the problem.

The final project, a computerized system written in a commercial programming language by Ashton-Tate called DBASE III Plus, was developed and named “ICES”—an acronym standing for Instructor/Course Evaluation System. The data base structure and language of dBASE available to users, many books are available on the into additional projects is one of the easiest on the market. Equally important, research of universities in the United States regarding software.

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