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Developing of a Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy and Online Training for a Community College

Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences


Getrude W. Abramson

Committee Member

Steven R. Terrell

Committee Member

Marlyn Kemper Littman


Proliferation of new technologies has greatly increased the complexity of copyright and intellectual property issues faced by higher education institutions. Colleges and universities have an obligation to effectively manage their intellectual assets and minimize institutional liability by ensuring that their faculty, staff, and students have access to informational materials that accurately describe, and promote compliance with, copyright and intellectual property laws and regulations, and are aware of their rights and responsibilities. In order to manage the growing complexity and minimize risk, many higher education institutions are adopting a two-pronged approach: developing comprehensive copyright and intellectual property policies, and providing customized, relevant and highly accessible training on copyrights. Although implementing a copyright policy does not by itself eliminate liability, implementing a well-drafted copyright policy is probably the best insurance against institutional liability, and providing ongoing copyright and intellectual property training is an effective way to reduce the risk of infringement. The policy and training developed must be customized to fit the needs, mission and culture of the institution. Furthermore, the policy and the training must be widely disseminated and accessible. The purpose of this study was to develop a comprehensive Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy and relevant online copyright training for the College of Southern Idaho, a community college in south central Idaho. The policy and online training were based on current intellectual property laws and regulations, and reflect the college's mission, needs, and culture.

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