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The Construction and Validation of a Resource Cover Page as an Instrument for Cataloging Internet Resources in the Semantic Web

Date of Award


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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences


Easwar Nyshadham

Committee Member

Amon Seagull

Committee Member

Junping Sun


The implementation of the Semantic Web has a problem, namely, that the Semantic Web ignores the different types of already-existing resources in the current implementation of the Web. The semi-structured nature of the Web makes it quite difficult to retrieve information relevant to specific users' needs. As a result, today's Web and the next-generation Semantic Web are not interoperable. The goal of this dissertation was to make the already-existing resources in the current implementation of the Web more meaningful to the Semantic Web without taking-away the openness of the Web. A framework was introduced that created a catalog of Internet resources that allows multi-access points to different resources and allows agents to discover the sought-after knowledge. These lookup fields were implemented in this Internet cataloging framework. This catalog was established to help computer-to-computer communication and information retrieval in general. The framework contributed to research in two ways: First, a prototype was created that can be used as a source for searching on the Internet. Second, the framework implemented the latest technologies of the Semantic Web to create the prototype.

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