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The Development of a Portable Authoring System

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Center for Computer and Information Sciences


Phillip M. Adams

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Raisa Szabo

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Edward Simco


In May 1986, a UNIXTM based minicomputer was donated to Nova University for use as a teaching tool in the undergraduate program in Computer Sciences, Computer Information Systems and Computer Systems. PC compatibles and Apple computers were also being used. This posed a problem when creating Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) because of the different platforms in use and the multiple authoring tools being used on these platforms. With the rising cost of software coupled with the inefficiency and no standardization of multiple authoring programs for multiple platforms made it imperative that a solution be found. The solution was to create a portable program that could be successfully adapted to run on a variety of hardware/operating system combinations without modification to run Cal modules.

This study was accomplished in three phases. Phase one was to create and implement an authoring system using C on different platforms. Phase two was to design the CAI program modules that would run on an authoring system under the various platforms. And, lastly, phase three was to implement the design of the CAI module under various platforms.

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