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Doctor of Philosophy in Information Systems (DISS)


Center for Computer and Information Sciences


Jacques Levin

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Marlyn Kember Littman

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Edward Lieblein


The jewelry manufacturing industry is an example of an industry that is slow to accept and incorporate new technology. There are, however, some large companies that have automated the accounting and inventory functions. Some of these companies have even invested in systems that can do image storage and retrieval. Until recently, these computer systems have been very expensive to purchase.

Prestige Marketing, Ltd. is a small jewelry manufacturing company. The owner of Prestige recognized the advantage of utilizing inexpensive personal computers to develop a software system that would calculate the cost of manufacturing and determine the recommended selling price of a jewelry item.

Simultaneously, this system would maintain a catalog of all items manufactured with a high resolution digitized color image of each item. The author, owner of Biconix Systems, Inc., was requested by the owner of Prestige Marketing to develop this system which was called the Jeweler's Showcase. The literature review has shown that there are no existing systems that satisfy all the requirements of the Jeweler's Showcase as defined by the owner of Prestige. The review did show, however, that there is a trend for the larger companies to invest in imaging systems. An analysis of a business idea to market the Jeweler's Showcase suggested that this new software system would be marketable.

Requirements and design specifications were developed by the author and approved by the owner of Prestige Marketing. DOS and Windows were selected as the operating system and environment. The program was written in C using Microsoft's C Compiler and the Windows Software Development Kit. The Jeweler's Showcase program was written and thoroughly tested. It has been well received by the users and reviewed favorably in the press. It is currently being marketed by Prestige Marketing.

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