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Design of A Strategic Planning Process And A Plan For Information Systems In A Two-Year Rural Community College

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Doctor of Science


Center for Computer and Information Sciences


John A. Scigliano

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Gerorge K. Fornshell

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Jacques Levin

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Edward Lieblein


The purpose of this study was to design a strategic planning model for the preparation of an information systems plan for Selkirk College. Detailed consideration was given to the challenges facing small two-year community colleges in planning for the rapidly changing environment of information systems.

The literature review included an overview of the evolution of planning approaches and examined several planning models. Several case studies of planning experiences in other colleges were undertaken. The dynamic environment of information systems was discussed, including a review of chaos theory and its implications for strategic planning. A planning model for information systems was developed. The model included the following steps:

Step 1. Determine the strategic planning process - the plan-to-plan.
Step 2. Conduct societal needs analysis.
Step 3. Gain support of stakeholders.
Step 4. Clarify the College's mandate.
Step 5. Review and revise the mission statement.
Step 6. Conduct an environmental scan.
Step 7. Conduct an internal audit.
Step 8. Conduct a SWOT analysis.
Step 9. Identify needs.
Step 10. Determine goals, objectives, and critical success.

Factors. Step 11. Formulate strategies and action plans.
Step 12. Develop evaluation criteria.
Step 13. Develop implementation and review schedule.

The planning model that was designed for the study was implemented and an information systems plan prepared. An evaluation of the planning model and the plan that was produced was completed. The study concluded with the development of recommendations for improving the planning model and its applicability in other settings.

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