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Hypertext Computer-Assisted Instruction for Geriatric Physical Therapists

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Doctor of Science


Center for Computer-Based Learning


John Kingsburry

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Barry Centini


The American long-term care industry is being challenged to care for increasing numbers of more acutely ill patients. To meet that challenge, health care providers must possess adequate skills and knowledge related to geriatric patients. Physical therapists may provide care to geriatric patients, but professional training programs may lack adequate course work in geriatric evaluation and treatment procedures. Additionally, manpower limitations may prevent physical therapists from leaving a caregiving role to attend continuing educational programs for needed geriatric knowledge. This study investigated the use of computer-assisted instruction (CAI) for physical therapists working in geriatric treatment facilities owned by Manor Health Care, Inc. A hypertext CAI program on wound physiology / care was developed. Using an equivalent group, posttest only study design, fourteen randomly assigned physical therapists received experimental treatment (CAI). While 19 other therapists served as controls. Both groups were administered a posttest instrument; the experimental group also completed an opinionnaire. The experimental group mean score was significantly higher (p<.004) than the control group mean score on the posttest. In addition, experimental group subjects reported strong agreement to statements regarding continued CAI development. The researcher concluded that hypertext CAl was available and acceptable method of disseminating geriatric physical therapy knowledge to Manor Health Care Inc. physical therapists.

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