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On Utilizing Computer-Based Teleducation To Facilitate Fulfillment of the CSUSB Mission

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Doctor of Science in Information Science


Center for Computer and Information Sciences


Marlyn Kemper Littman

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Jacques Levin

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Mientje Levin


The mission of California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) is to provide tertiary (postsecondary) education to a service area covering 27,400 square miles of Riverside and San Bernardino counties in Southern California. California in general and CSUSB in particular are in the midst of a prolonged budget crisis. CSUSB problems include over-crowding and under-funding.

In order to save budget money for the State University system including CSUSB, the utilization of computer-based tele-education was presented as a viable alternative to traditional face-to-face proximate education. The purpose of this dissertation was to write one upper-division CSUSB course using the Automated Course Development System (ACDS) as one of the most efficient methodologies to achieve that goal.

The ACDS authoring system has been designed and developed by a Nova team (including this researcher). To date no computer-based teleducation courses of direct applicability to CSUSB have been written using ACDS. The Nova team developed ACDS to alleviate problems like those being experienced at CSUSB.

The CSUSB problem may be succinctly restated as:

  1. Additional ways are needed to help California state University, San Bernardino fulfil its mission
  2. University budgets are being curtailed, and
  3. Preliminary ACDS version 1 has been developed, but no course product useable by CSUSB has been written for computer-based teleducation at CSUSB using ACDS.
  4. This dissertation was written to accomplish:

  5. The design and development of the teleducation INFO-472 course product using version 1 of ACDS, and
  6. The recommendation of further improvements for the design and development of version 2 of ACDS.
  7. The underlying fundamental purpose of this dissertation was to write one complete CSUSB course to show the use of computer-based teleducation (CBT) with version 1 of the ACDS teacher / student-friendly system to facilitate fulfilment of the CSUSB mission during the current budget crisis. The INFO-472 course product will help illustrate the important potential that computer based teleducation solutions have at CSUSB using the Automated Course Development System (ACDS).

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