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The Requirement for a Contemporary X 400 Mall System for Distributed Networks

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences


S. Rollins Guild

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John A. Scigliano

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Lee Leitner


Electronic mail is undoubtedly one of the most successful computer applications in the Information Technology industry. International standards, such as the X.400 Message Handling Systems, have been developed to enable the continual expansion of electronic mail services to a wide range of users. The X.400 standards have comprehensively detailed the functional level of message handling systems but, as with all CCITT standards, has stopped short of defining any requirements for the user interface and a phase approach to the integration of X.400 mail systems for distributed networks.

This thesis presents a functional model, requirements for a contemporary X.400 Mail system for distributed networks, discussion of mail systems, and an integrated phase approach. The functional model was developed from the X.400 recommendations. The functional model, requirements, and the implemented target system was the result of a comprehensive study and experiments.

The X.400 issues focused upon in the functional model, Interim and Target systems include the complexity of specifying message recipient addresses and message options. One of the most promising international standards is the X.SOO Directory Services at this writing. X.SOO provides a global distributed database of information on people and an extensible range of objects. The directory enables users to store their complex X.400addresses and provide a more consistent and reliable method to access this information.

The functional model, Interim and Target system also describes the requirements for the integration of X.SOO Directory Services with X.400 Message Handling Systems. This tightly coupled integration is considered to be a powerful enabling technology for electronic mail users. The functional model, requirements and Interim and Target system with the integrated phase approach provides the computing science discipline with a proven and functional methodology for X.400 message systems with X.SOO directory support.

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