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A Strategic Plan For Academic Computing At Ohio Dominican College

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Doctor of Education in Computer Education


Center for Computer and Information Sciences


John Kingsburry

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Marlyn Kemper Littman


The President of Ohio Dominican College (ODC), a liberal arts institution in Columbus, Ohio, authorized the development of a strategic plan for Academic Computing in 1989. The project initially produced a planning guide, or plan-to-plan, which defined Academic Computing and identified issues for study. These issues included (1) introducing computer-based programs; (2) increasing the availability and use of computers; (3) integrating computing throughout the curriculum; (4) meeting the Academic Computing Center's future needs; (5) offering courses through computer-based distance learning; and (6) the effects of technology on the college's administrative structure.

WOTS- UP forms, interviews and a survey produced an environmental audit of internal and external forces affecting Academic Computing. Enrollment data were analyzed using the Policy Analysis and Simulation System (PASS) software package. Projections suggested that enrollment growth will be enhanced by computerizing the curriculum. National and college data indicated that enrollment in the Computer Science major will not increase. The plan recommends that ODC move toward integration of computing across the curriculum and develop programs combining Computer science with other majors. Combined majors will draw students to upper level Computer Science courses and increase enrollments in cooperating departments. To support these efforts, ODC will need a new computer laboratory and classroom. Guidelines and recommendations for these facilities are included.

The plan also suggests that Ohio Dominican move toward offering courses via computer-based distance learning. Finally, no immediate change in the college's administrative structure is proposed, but periodic review of technology's effects on college operations is recommended.

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