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Computer Applications At The Village Mailbox

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Doctor of Education in Computer Education


Center for Computer and Information Sciences


John Kingsburry

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Gerorge K. Fornshell

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Barry Centini

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Edward Simco


The content of this dissertation includes the collection of data for the design, evaluation and distribution of a survey questionnaire to collect the information needed to develop a "Small Business Owner's Guide to Computer Applications." By working closely with the manager/owner of The Village Mailbox in Portsmouth, Virginia, computer applications areas were identified, the questionnaire was developed then validated through pilot testing. After pilot testing the questionnaire survey was distributed through three mailings to ensure maximum participation. Responses were divided into two groups (strata) and non-franchised responses were compared to franchised responses. Through the use of descriptive statistics the responses were analyzed for response rate, Pearson r, significance, degrees of freedom, standard deviation, z-test score and significance level and the Kuder Richardson KR21 was applied for a reliability score.

The survey data collected was analyzed conclusions were drawn. Conclusions led to and the development of the guide to assist owners of small businesses offering mailing services during considerations about computer applications. This guide was developed to solve the problem statement of this study, give the small business owners a logical approach to computer applications and to serve as a tool for small business planning where it relates to computer applications in mailing service businesses.

The survey and the data collected could be generalized to all small businesses offering mailing services. Small businesses offering mailing services should find the study interesting and the results handy in providing useful information related to computer applications. To use this information in any other environment would require research that included information specific to that environment. Information collected here was meant for use only in the area of small businesses offering mailing services.

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