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Doctor of Arts (DA)


Center for Computer-Based Learning


John A. Scigliano

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Marlyn Kemper Littman

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David Dickinson


The researcher proposed to advice in the selection of an Integrated Online Library System (IOLS) for use in the 103 school media centers in the Palm Beach County Schools, Florida. This was accomplished by evaluating the two finalists of those vendors who answered the district's Request for Proposal (RFP). Of the five vendors who responded to the RFP. CLSI and SIRSI were selected as the systems most likely to meet the needs of the media centers of the school district.

An overview and definition of IOLS was first discussed. This overview then related itself to the needs of the school district as presented in the RFP. A selection criteria was then designed from previous research on the subject to help find the ideal system.

The history and development of an Integrated Online Library System was important in seeing where the systems have originated in contrast to the systems in the Eighties to the also revealed the present time. Literature IOLS principles of operation.

The Request for Proposal reflected the needs assessment discussed over several years of committee meetings of representatives from various schools. The committees explored IOLS automated options and compared these options. The RFP outlined the system requirements. Thoughts on staff attitudes while planning for a system were also considered.

Each system was evaluated with the criteria outlined in the RFP. The background and capabilities of both systems were explored. This exploration took place where by the benchmark tests, on-site demonstrations systems were in use daily, conferences with the vendors, systems. And reading literature reviews on both systems.

Evaluation guidelines and criteria were found in library resources. The functions required for terminal access requirements, process for data conversion, vendor background and reliability, contained in these library resources. And the cost were contained in these library resources.

The results of this study culminated in the official recommendation of the SIRSI to be purchased by the district's school board. It was the expectation of the author of this document to see the purchase of the recommended system by the school board and have it implemented in all the schools in the district within a three year period following the submission of the recommendation.

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