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Doctor of Science


Center for Computer and Information Sciences


Thomas MacFarland

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John Kingsburry

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George K. Fornshell


A prototype microcomputer-based CBI program was developed to provide review, structured self-study, and remediation to students undergoing initial skills training at the Naval Air Technical Training Center (NATTC), Lakehurst, NJ. The program demonstrates the capabilities of the authoring (LSAUT) and delivery (LSSTU) programs that are parts of the Language Skills Computer Aided Instruction (LSCAI) system developed by the Navy Personnel Research and Development Center and the University of Utah. A course of instruction at NATTC, Lakehurst was selected for this project on the basis of level of training, student throughput, attrition and setback rates, and category of learning objectives. Student and instructor evaluations of the program were conducted. A preliminary cost-effectiveness analysis is presented. Conclusions and recommendations include: (1) Development of the prototype program should be continued; (2) The LSCAI system should be considered for this type of application when learning objectives require the remembering of facts, especially the learning of technical vocabulary; (3) Use of microcomputer-based review, structured self-study and remediation can reduce the requirement for experienced instructors; (4) This type of CBI can be cost-effective when implemented on low-cost microcomputers using inexpensive software; (5) demonstration projects such as this should be encouraged and funded to facilitate the movement of technology from the laboratory to the classroom; (6) drill and practice type CBI that uses the capabilities of modern microcomputers can be challenging, interesting, and enjoyable and Navy development of systems that exploit these microcomputer capabilities should be continued; and (7) this type of review program should be considered for use on Navy ships to augment on-the-job training.

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