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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Center for Computer and Information Sciences


Marlyn Kemper Littman

Committee Member

Gerorge K. Fornshell

Committee Member

Steven R. Terrell


In 1988, Information Power described skills and duties expected of a school library media specialist. These include familiarity with various forms of educational technology, interpersonal social and communication skills, and proficiency in a wide range of planning and management areas. Simultaneously, restructuring, a movement to site-based management, requires new types of skills of Florida's teachers.

While the importance and complexity of the position of library media specialist has increased, there is concern that some practicing professionals do not have training or experience to address these new obligations. As a benchmark of current expertise in non-instructional duties, this research effort attempted to determine existent budgetary skills among public school library media specialists in the state of Florida. The purpose of this research effort was to develop a tool to survey practicing public school library media specialists in Florida and then apply that tool to determine the validity of stated hypotheses concerning budgetary roles of those library media specialists.

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