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Factors Affecting the Use of Computers In Classrooms

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Doctor of Education in Computer Education


Center for Computer and Information Sciences


Thomas MacFarland

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John Kingsburry

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Jim Holloway


The problem addressed by this investigation was the potential disparity between the availability of computers for classroom use and the extent to which computers were being used in Northwest Georgia classrooms. The study was based on three objectives: (1) To document the availability of computers for instructional purposes, (2) To determine the extent to which teachers were using computers for instructional purposes, and (3) To determine the effect of 49 identified factors on classroom computer utilization. Data for this study was collected through three procedures: (1) completion of a nationally published technology survey, (2) observations of classrooms where computers were being used for instructional purposes, and (3) interviews with classroom teachers. The population for the technology survey consisted of 880 lead teachers from the 16 member school systems of Northwest Georgia RESA. Participants for the classroom observations and teacher interviews were selected by the principals from 8 school systems that had been randomly selected. Appropriate data from the surveys, classroom observations and teacher interviews were categorized and tabulated in terms of both frequency counts and percentages. In addition, specific data from the surveys and teacher interviews were analyzed by the chi-square analysis statistical technique to determine if there were any differences between survey participants and interview participants for the questions used. The following major recommendations, based on the discussion and implications of the findings from this investigation, include: (1) the 16 school systems that were involved in this investigation need to develop comprehensive plans for using computer technology throughout the K-12 curriculum. (2) This investigation that was limited to lead teachers should be repeated and expanded to include all teachers from the 16 Northwest Georgia school systems. (3) Before the investigation is repeated, certain modifications need to be made to the survey instrument for purposes of clarity as well as for collecting other important information. (4) The 16 school systems that were involved in this investigation need to develop comprehensive staff development plans to train teachers to use computers for instructional as well as management purposes.

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