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A Study To Determine The Feasibility Of Installing CD-ROM Technology In Ontario Government Libraries And Information Centers

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Doctor of Science


Center for Computer and Information Sciences


Marlyn Kemper Littman

Committee Member

Thomas W. MacFarland

Committee Member

George K. Fornshell


This study was designed to investigate both present and potential future applications and usage of CD - ROM technology within Ontario Government libraries and information centers. The author first reviewed the history of the Ontario Government Libraries Council, from the perspective of its mandate to provide a degree coordination between various government libraries of and improvement of library management in the Public Service, through cooperative activities. Acquisition and implementation of CD-ROM technology is a joint venture that can be undertaken for mutual benefit of Council members, and was the subject of the Feasibility Study carried out by the author. The researcher conducted a comprehensive literature review, examining many articles and the few available published studies covering a full spectrum of CD-ROM issues. This data, plus the researcher's exposure to four CD-ROM database systems, was employed to design a feasibility study, that follows the literature review

The author formally collected information needed for study purposes via a questionnaire sent out to 76 Council libraries and information centers. This process was followed up by personal contact with concerned Library Managers, for data clarification. Subsequently, the researcher formulation documented the findings of specific solutions, recommendations, for accessing and that resulted in conclusions and implementing CD-ROM technology within the Ontario Government Libraries Council. The resulting document can be employed by the Ontario Government Libraries Council and the Ontario Government Management Board, as a policy planning and implementation instrument for development and installation of CD-ROM facilities

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