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Doctor of Arts (DA)


Center for Computer-Based Learning


John A. Scigliano

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Esther E. Horne

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Berry Centini



The Technical and Management Information Center of the U.S. Defense Communications Agency is a special library providing worldwide library and information services in the subject fields of communications, electronics, command and control, and computer sciences. A project was designed with the objective of developing a strategic plan for this library. Long-range and strategic planning methods commonly used in business organizations were used. An extensive review of the literature on strategic planning was done to determine the best methods available for use in a special library environment. The methods used to develop the strategic plan included: writing a plan-to-plan, four factor strategic analysis, WOTS-UP analysis, vulnerability assessment, capability profile, vulnerability analysis, key results analysis, and hierarchy of values analysis. The result of the project was a written strategic plan that included a summary statement, mission statement, background information, assumptions, objectives and strategies, schedules and evaluation, and contingency plans. The conclusion was reached that strategic planning methods used in business can be applied successfully to special libraries, although the process can be time-consuming. The literature review, methods used, and final plan provide a model for managers of special libraries interested in developing their own strategic plans. The major difficulties encountered were the amount of time necessary for the planning and the difficulty of integrating staff and management in the process. The motivated manager of a special library should, nevertheless, be able to plan strategically using methods discussed in this project.

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