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Doctor of Arts (DA)


Center for Computer-Based Learning


Marlyn Kemper Littman

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Thomas MacFarland


This investigation, which was started in April, 1988, was designed to assess the extent of automation in academic and public libraries and school library media centers in the state of South Carolina as well as the prevailing attitude toward library automation. School media specialists were surveyed at their annual convention, and public and academic librarians were mailed the same surveys to ascertain the percentage of media centers in the process of automating a part or all its processes and to determine their attitude toward library automation. From the results of the study, one sees that the direction of library automation in the state's public school, academic, and public toward the use of media centers automation. Only is progressing eight percent slowly of the school media centers represented by surveying the members of the South Carolina Association of School Librarians were automated; only 30 percent. Of the surveyed academic and public 1ibraries were automated. However, the scores attained on the attitude scales suggested a desire to quickly than to date. Progress toward library automation more both public and academic librarians expressed a positive attitude toward library automation. School media center specialists also expressed a positive attitude toward library automation. These positive attitudes were explained by using an author- composed questionnaire based on the Likert scale and H. H. Remmers' scale.

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