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The Development Of A Three Year Plan To Integrate Computers And Mathematics In the Undergraduate Liberal Arts Curriculum

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Doctor of Education in Computer Education


Center for Computer and Information Sciences


Thomas MacFarland

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Dennis Murphy

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John Kingsburry


This was a study for the development of a plan for a computer based mathematics curriculum at Belmont Abbey College. The development and phase-in of the new curricula would take approximately three years. Because of the size and limited resources of the college, the proposal advocated the use of existing materials. Full implementation will require additional computer equipment. Recognizing this financial constraint, two equipment proposals were developed cognate to the curriculum plan. Utilization of the plan required identification and acquisition of appropriate mathematics software for use in the ' classroom. Evaluation of software would be an ongoing activity beyond the projected three year phase-in of the project.

As a result of this study, it was determined that Belmont Abbey College would be able to integrate effective computer instruction into the mathematics curriculum. In view of this observation, the following recommendations were offered to Belmont Abbey College's administrators and colleagues:

  1. Carefully analyze the curriculum to determine where applications of technology make sense.
  2. Keep the technology simple. Classroom applications must take only a few seconds to implement if they are to be used.
  3. The courseware must be 'friendly' with help screens and menus available at the touch of a key.
  4. Training sessions and demonstrations are ongoing activities.
  5. Evaluation and development of courseware are continuous exercises.
  6. The evaluation and development of course specific software is as professionally important as publishing and research.

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