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A Study to Determine Technological Skills and Competencies Needed for Office Employment as Reported by Selected Employers in the South Central Kentucky Lake Cumberland Area Development District

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences


Steven R. Terrell

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Gerorge K. Fornshell

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Phill Lee


The purpose of this study was to determine the technological skills and competencies needed by businesses so that business educators can meet the continuing demands of a challenging workplace. Since the office is changing so rapidly due to the integration of technology, there is a need to study periodically the skills and competencies needed by employees.

The study was conducted in the South Central Kentucky Lake Cumberland Area Development District using five occupational groups: banks, hospitals/medical clinics or medical offices, insurance agencies, legal firms, and manufacturing firms. Businesses were surveyed in the following counties and town seats: Adair, Columbia; Casey, Liberty; Clinton, Albany; Cumberland, Burkesville; Green, Greensburg; McCreary, Whitley City; Pulaski, Somerset; Russell, Jamestown; Taylor, Campbellsville; and Wayne, Monticello. The Chamber of Commerce in each of the ten county seats was asked to recommend particular businesses to be surveyed. No more than five businesses from each group of business firms were surveyed in each county seat. The Chamber of Commerce list and the telephone book in each county seat were used to determine specific businesses and addresses. A cover letter and questionnaire containing 19 items were given to the five groups. Descriptive statistics were used to evaluate the data.

The School of Business and Economics at Campbellsville University revised its Administrative Technology program based on the results of this study. Other universities, colleges, high schools, and vocational schools in the South Central Kentucky Lake Cumberland Area Development District will receive the results of this study. Each school will then have the opportunity to review its curricula and update as needed. Businesses will benefit by being made aware of what other businesses are requiring of entry-level employees. They may also receive better prepared employees if schools take advantage of the results of the study. Overall, the findings reinforced the need for business educators to teach the proper skills and competencies needed for entry-level employees to be prepared for the demands of today's offices.

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