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Web Information System(WIS): Information Delivery Through Web Browsers

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences


Raul Salazar

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Maxine S. Cohen

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Lee Leitner


The Web Information System (WIS) is a new type of Web browser capable of retrieving and displaying the physical attributes (retrieval time, age, size) of a digital document. In addition, the WIS can display the status of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) links using an interface that is easy to use and interpret. The WIS also has the ability to dynamically update HTML links, thereby informing the user regarding the status of the information.

The first generation of World Web browsers allowed for the retrieval and rendering of HTML documents for reading and printing. These browsers also provided basic management of HTML links, which are used to point to often-used information. Unfortunately, HTML links are static in nature -- other than a locator for information, an HTML link provides no other useful data. Because of the elusive characteristics of electronic information, document availability, document size (page length), and absolute age of the information can only be assessed after retrieval.

WIS addresses the shortcomings of the Web by using a different approach to delivering digital information within a Web browser. By attributing the physical parameters of printed documentation such as retrieval time, age, and size to digital information, the WIS makes using online information easier and more productive than the current method.

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