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An Investigation Of The Effectiveness Of Computer-Assisted Mathematics Instruction As Opposed To Traditional Instruction

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Doctor of Education in Computer Education


Center for Computer and Information Sciences


John Kingsburry

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Thomas W. MacFarland

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Jack Money


This study was conducted to compare the mathematics achievement of an experimental group taught with computer-assisted instruction and a control group taught with traditional classroom instruction. Subjects were tenth grade students at Chattooga High School in summerville, Georgia. All students who participated in this study received at least fifty minutes of mathematics instruction per day. This included teacher presentation, discussion, small group work, drill and practice, classroom exercises, and homework assignments. Students in the control group practiced basic mathematics skills using pencil and paper while students in the experimental group practiced basic mathematics skills using computer-assisted instruction.

Data for this study were student scores on the mathematics portion of the Georgia Basic skills Test. Student scores were analyzed in the areas of concept identification, component operations, and problem solving. The data were analyzed using a multivariate analysis of variance. The analysis was performed using SPSS-X statistical software. Analysis of the results showed no difference between the two groups and the null hypothesis was not rejected. Based on the results of this study, the researcher concluded that computers are as effective as traditional classroom instruction in the secondary mathematics classroom. Recommendations of this study include a comprehensive staff-development program for all teachers who will be using computers in the classroom. These teachers should also have computers available at all times for their personal use. The existing curriculum should be modified to effectively use technology in the classroom, and studies should be conducted to determine the effectiveness of computer-assisted instruction in other areas of the mathematics curriculum. Additionally, follow-up studies should be conducted to determine the effect of computer-assisted instruction on retention of basic mathematics facts.

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