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Doctor of Philosophy in Information Systems (DISS)


College of Engineering and Computing


Junping Sun

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James Parrish

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Ling Wang


Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Data Warehousing, DW/BI Maturity


Over the past two decades organizations have made considerable investment in implementing data warehousing and business intelligence to improve business performance through facts-based decision-making. Although many of these organizations reap the rewards of their investments, others find that realizing the full value proposition is elusive. While the literature is rich with studies regarding data warehousing and business intelligence, much of the existing research focused on the initial experiences of adoption and implementation, and few yielded empirical data that reflected post-implementation conditions that lead to mature capabilities and improved business performance. Sited at the Defense Intelligence Agency where data warehousing and business intelligence capabilities have been in place for 10 years, this study investigated the perceived influences of data warehousing and business intelligence maturity on organizational performance through the perceptions of end users and senior leaders. This study employed mixed methods to examine the linkages between organizational support, information technology capabilities, practices, use, and organizational performance. Using survey responses from end users (N = 29 respondents), the researcher employed linear regressions, and mediation analyses to test hypotheses and assess correlations among maturity variables and their effect on organizational performance. Conversely, the qualitative phase included semi-structured interviews with six senior leaders to understand their perceptions of existing data warehousing and business intelligence capabilities. The quantitative results and qualitative findings indicated significant correlations between the perceptions of organizational support, information technology capabilities, and use in predicting organizational performance. The discoveries resulting from this research represent an original contribution to the body of knowledge by providing empirical data to aid in advancing the scholarship and practice of the data warehousing and business intelligence maturity phenomenon.