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The History of the Panchals

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The most rewarding aspect of my family's history research was connecting with my parents and grandparents.This research opportunity taught me how simple it is to forget relatives if a connection is not established with them. When I inquired about their parents and grandparents, my parents were thrilled because of the influence they had on their life. This inspired me to improve my relationship with both sets of my grandparents so that when my children and grandchildren ask about them, their legacy will carry on and never be forgotten. After completing my research I still want to learn more about my ancestors' financial struggles. My paternal and maternal relatives were not affluent, however, they were extremely hard-working. I am very grateful to live in the United States and to have access to opportunities that my ancestors did not have. As a result, I would like to learn more about how hard they worked so that I can better understand the entirety of sacrifices that were made that contributed to the opportunities that I have. To learn more about the various industries in which my ancestors worked, I will turn to my grandparents, who also made many sacrifices for my parents and me to grow up in the United States. This approach will allow me to practice speaking Gujarati, and ensure that my family's culture is not lost. Speaking Gujarati is crucial because I want to teach my children Gujarati in the way that my parents taught me my native language.

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