Project Title

My Very Mixed, Large, Cuban-Guatemalan Family

Submission Date

Winter 2019

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After completing my family history project and tracing back my genetic ancestry has been an emotional rollercoaster having left me with feelings of both happiness, confusion, and even dissatisfaction. Prior to beginning this project, I had some sort of idea about where my family came from and even some of their names however, once I started to look even further, I realized that I truthfully knew nothing. This semester I was able to go back to my mom’s home country and that is where I learned a lot about my family. The most shocking part of my project was finding out how many indigenous family members I had. Visiting neighboring towns and immersing myself in the culture felt like a good way to give back to my ancestors. My ancestry results revealed places that I knew I was from, but it also left me shocked when I found out I lacked a location. My whole life, my dad’s family told me that one of our relatives was from China, but my results brought that up into question about whether that was true or not. From this whole project, the question remains about who he was and where he was from.

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