Project Title

Share Your Story: Sachita Guthula

Submission Date

Fall 2020

Share Your Story

The most surprising result I discovered as a result of this project was how my a few of my fifth and sixth cousins are of European/Caucasian descent. I did not expect this finding at all! As far as I know, no one in my family married anyone that did not have a Telugu background, let alone of Caucasian descent. While I did not make efforts of trying to find out our common ancestry, I was able to talk to my relatives and understand that colonization played a big role in port cities. Kakinada, as I mention in my project, is a coastal, port city that facilitates massive import and export business. The British and Dutch have settled in these port areas to get authority over the trade business happening. I believe that there may have been sexual relationships between the colonizers and natives near Bengali/North Indian regions. These relatives must have migrated down south to Kakinada and began the establishment of my family. I can make this inference from my 23 and me results as I am 3.0% Bengali/North Indian.

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