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Everyone in an organization have experienced the act of choosing. While some members may have to choose something very minuscule, other team members have to choose options that can be beneficial or detrimental towards the organization, depending on their position, rank or title. For example, education is an organization that constantly must choose options that will advance students’ achievement. From having to choose the type of students that are placed into certain classrooms, to deciding whether the organization will use certain resources for students to use to gain success, the possibilities are endless. This process of choosing is entitled decision-making, and it serves as one of the primary factors that drives any organization to its plateau or its breaking point.

This module of the handbook emphasizes how decision-making is not an easy task but with the proper training and evaluations, one will learn how to effectively make better decisions that will elevate all aspects of the organization. This module will enlighten any members of an organization on an array of topics as it pertains to decision making. There are steps that needs to be extracted before, during and after the decision-making process and this handbook will guide you on the do’s and don’ts of decision making. If you’ve ever had a question or just needed clarity on decision making, then this chapter should respond to all of your needs. This should serve as your go-to guide in formulating and executing decisions. Whether you are part of a committee of the organization, or take on a leadership role, this module is aimed to attract all members of the organization to become a better and avid decision maker.

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