Winter 2023

ESRP 9000 Professor

David B. Ross

ESRP 9001 Professor

David B. Ross

Executive Summary

The objective of the Strategic Research Project was to provide Allies Inc. with comprehensive information regarding its organizational structure, including its leaders and culture, and what the agency lacked and needed to address to differentiate itself from rivals. The organization comprises departments staffed by senior leaders, intermediate managers, and employees. Group residences are dispersed across numerous cities and managed by executive directors, administrators, and staff members. Allies programs are intended for individuals with mental and physical impairments. We provide care and support to infants and adults between the ages of 8 and 60. We have day programs that provide vocational training, physical therapy, and speech therapy and assist participants in achieving their team-implemented goals. The group residences offer around-the-clock care for the same individuals.

The primary factors are the lack of trust and transparency at all organizational levels among the Allies. Without a vision, mission, and value statement, the organization's foundation may be compromised. This was essential to the plan after devising 40 factors for the strengths-weaknesses-threats-opportunities analysis and then narrowing them down to four for each, conducting a quantitative strategic plan matrix, and narrowing down to two, then one strategy. Consequently, developing a solution can aid Allies in identifying their most pressing problems and initiate internal changes that will increase profits and benefits for their organization. Recommendation Allies will implement a mission, vision, and value statement that represents the culture as a whole. This will help increase community awareness of the organization's mission. It is essential to build trust because, without it, there can be no solid foundation. Since Allies are cognizant of the problems crippling the organizations, they are willing to address them.

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Strategic Research Project-NSU Access Only

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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Abraham S. Fischler College of Education