Fall 2023

ESRP 9000 Professor

Jason Abreu

ESRP 9001 Professor

Jason Abreu

Executive Summary

This strategic research project was designed to provide a comprehensive examination of teacher retention within the organizational context. The goal was to identify the reasons behind teacher turnover and address them, focusing on implementing practical solutions to increase retention rates. The project involved a detailed analysis of the existing situation regarding teacher retention and an investigation of internal and external factors that influence turnover. One of the critical parts of the project was a thorough SWOT analysis, which evaluated the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to teacher retention. The analysis influenced the development of focused methods to minimize weaknesses and maximize strengths. The project also analyzed external factors, such as community support and engagement.

The project's conclusions provide critical new perspectives on the difficulties that affect teachers and the larger educational community. The project's conclusions stressed the value of professional development opportunities, recognition, and appreciation to foster a positive school culture in promoting teacher retention. The organization received recommendations from these results to develop a thorough action plan. The strategy includes techniques for creating a positive school culture, offering continuous professional development, and encouraging active community involvement. The organization hopes to increase teacher retention in the future by addressing these factors, raising teacher satisfaction while promoting a positive school culture. Implementing these recommendations will strengthen the educational organization's overall success and development.

Document Type

Strategic Research Project-NSU Access Only

Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Abraham S. Fischler College of Education