Fall 2023

ESRP 9000 Professor

Linda Gaughan

ESRP 9001 Professor

Linda Gaughan

Executive Summary

This strategic research project was designed to provide solutions to the problem of teacher shortages in urban Catholic schools after the COVID-19 pandemic. Teacher shortages were a problem before the pandemic; however, the increasing number of shortages nationwide is a problem all schools are facing. In the past, the solution to teacher shortages were programs such as alternative certification teacher programs. These particular programs were opportunities for non-education majors to enter the teaching profession. However, the literature reviewed noted that some of the programs designed to properly prepare teachers for the classroom were too dauting for teachers to complete. The literature indicated that teacher shortages were due to factors such as low salary, lack of professional development, poor outlook on the profession, and large class sizes. As a result, teaching conditions and student academic performance can be affected. Through a SWOT analysis of the organization, the internal and external factors were identified. The problem seen in the organization was the large number of teachers not yet certified and its impact on instructional performance. To address the problem, possible solutions were identified and analyzed. The solution selected was to implement an induction and mentoring program in efforts to retain teachers. The action plan for the solution includes the steps needed for implementation. The steps of the action plan include the following: (a) create an induction program team, (b) form induction foundational documents, (c) assess teachers’ needs, (d) identify mentors, and (e) conduct periodic evaluation of the program. The action plan developed will need support from administrators and professional development specialists geared to fostering growth mindsets in all stakeholders, especially teachers.

Document Type

Strategic Research Project-NSU Access Only

Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Abraham S. Fischler College of Education