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Creating a comprehensive dashboard for strategic planning: Inception to implementation

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American Evaluators Association Annual Conference / San Antonio, TX

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Conference Proceeding


This session will illustrate how a large, non-profit university conceptualized and created a comprehensive Dashboard to house various data points across the university. Nova Southeastern University (NSU) has 14 different academic colleges awarding undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. The University Provost was interested in creating a tool that would assist central administration with strategic planning. He envisioned this tool as a single source of data that would incorporate multiple data sources throughout the university. These sources would include enrollments, Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) benchmarks, constituent engagement scores, academic program review, assessment of student learning outcomes, accreditation, budget and financial information, and success rates. A small research team was charged with visioning and creating a tool that would incorporate these data. The result was a comprehensive online dashboard. The presentation will discuss the design and implementation of this project including a demonstration of a sample dashboard.

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