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A systematic approach to assessing student learning outcomes

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American Evaluators Association Annual Conference / Denver, CO.

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Assessing student learning outcomes has become challenging for institutions of higher education, especially with the recent push from accrediting bodies to require academic programs to articulate measurable expected outcomes of student learning, and to document how each outcome will be assessed. NSU established its Academic Review process more than five years ago; since that time the process has continually been refined to meet both the needs of the university and the recommendations of SACS. The approach has six steps: (a) Program Outcomes and Measures Matrix (i.e., curriculum mapping), (b) internal assessment of student learning, (c) an Internal Review Committee report, (d) an external consultant report, (e) the Academic Review Committee report, and (f) action planning by the center dean based on the recommendations. The purpose of this paper is to share with other individuals responsible for assessment at institutions of higher education an effective method to assess student learning outcomes.

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