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Commercialization in Education: What are the Issues and Implications for Teachers and Students?

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American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education / Washington, D.C.

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Log On or Lose Out: Technology in 21st Century Teacher Education




These conference papers highlight technology within 21st century teacher education. Part 1, "The Power, Ethical, and Social Issues Related to Technology in Education," includes topics like developing learning communities and ensuring equal access for all students. Part 2, "The Impact of Technology in Changing Our Perceptions of What and How People Learn," includes topics like the growing separation between teachers and learners and technology and the transformation of learning. Part 3, "The Impact of Commercialization on the Education of Teachers and Children," includes topics like schoolhouse commercialism, public and private collaboration in teacher education, and commercializing teacher education on the Internet. Part 4, "Technology and the Roles and Responsibilities of Teacher Educators," includes topics like technology needs of preservice and inservice teachers, connecting technology to content in learning, and the impact of technology on teacher educators' roles and responsibilities. Part 5, "The Redefining of Teaching and Implications for Schools, Colleges, and Departments of Education," includes topics like partnerships, technology, and assessment and understanding 21st century teaching tools. Part 6, "Measuring the Success of Teachers and Teacher Education Programs," includes topics like meaningful evaluation of teachers and teacher education programs and action research as a measure for evaluating technology.

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