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Regent University Virtual Conference on Moral Leadership

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Servant Leadership, Leadership and Management, Power, Influence, Control, Toxic Leadership, Narcissism


To lead, you must serve. Servant leadership is the systematic process of developing the needs of servants ahead of those leaders found within private or public institutions. The principle behind effective leadership is based on the interplay of responsibility, respect, care, and working with people, not against people. Ultimately, leadership is about character and substance. Using the distinct characteristics of servant leadership to promote and foster the development of successful individuals is one of the fundamental concepts of servant leaders. Honest and caring concern for others leads to empowerment and emotional support which inspires the members to embrace the needs of the organization and creates a learning environment that is conducive to producing optimal performance from their employees. Although many times leadership roles and responsibilities are misunderstood, leadership is firmly grounded in doing the right thing; servant leadership serves to balance out that misinterpretation. Employee attrition is a direct result of problematic leadership. Today, more than in the past, leaders are being tasked with enormous responsibilities that demand both competent and effective leadership skills. Making an effective leader involves careful thought and skill development. The collective evidence strongly suggests that environments created through servant leadership will produce employees who challenge themselves to become creative, dedicated, loyal, and productive to the needs of their institutions, rather than toxic culture within any organization.

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