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Developing and Implementing an Online Course Framework

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Integration of technology tools and resources is imperative when working with today’s students as many are expecting to encounter various apps and media-based software in the curriculum. It is important, however, to have a clear purpose for integrating technology into the classroom; technology should not be integrated into the curriculum simply for the sake of doing so! To assist with purposeful integration, faculty members from Nova Southeastern University and St. Thomas University created a Technology Integration Learning Community (TILC); an online professional learning community where members teach each other about the latest and greatest technological tools and share ideas for integration into the curriculum. Anytime an instructor is thinking of integrating technology into a classroom, it is important to use a model or framework as a guide to enhance the objectives or outcomes as well as ensure accessibility for all students. Therefore, the TILC developed The TILC Online Course Framework (TOCF), based on the ASSURE model (Smaldino, Lowther, Russell, & Mims, 2016), to guide this technology integration.

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