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Autism Spectrum Disorder, Family Issues, Coping Strategies, Stress, Anxiety


Research indicated that parents of children with autism spectrum disorder experience higher levels of stress than parents of children with other developmental disorders. Children with autism tend to exhibit problematic behaviors as a result of their inability to communicate effectively. Parents of children with autism find it challenging to determine the reasons for these behaviors. Since researchers have confirmed the presence of stress associated with caring for a child with autism, coping strategies can essentially elevate high stress levels that can lead to depression. Children with autism spectrum disorders may have multiple disabilities that can cause an even greater challenge for professionals and parents. With this said, there is no single intervention or no single best approach for assisting all children with autism spectrum disorders. While evidence-based intervention methods for children with autism spectrum disorders have been identified, the need for better understanding of how to match the most effective intervention to specific child characteristics continues to puzzle educational professionals. To accomplish this, it is essential for parents, educators, and professionals to understand how autism affects an individual and then, identify strengths and weaknesses before considering any particular approach.

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